Letter from Sherry:

Life moved far too quickly in the corporate world. I was giving my heart and mind to my career. I was struggling with skin inflammation – from rosacea to adult acne. And, it truly was a fast track. Too fast to appreciate everything around me. Not enough time left for me. To live healthily. To revel in my relationships. To nurture myself. I wanted to be more conscious of the good. Conscious of how things make me feel.

There’s a transformative power in plant-based products. I loved growing up on a farm. I’m still passionate about farmers being the stewards of the land. The things that grow from healthy soil is what we put in and on our bodies. That realization was always with me.

I created lylole in partnership with a leading non-toxic cosmetic manufacturer, utilizing simple but powerfully healing and regenerative plant ingredients and nurturing aromatherapy benefits.

But, lylole is about more than skin care. It’s about a daily ritual of self-care, self-love, nurturing.

My hope is lylole will introduce you to change in your life, too. To products made mindfully and that encourage us to take time for ourselves. To love ourselves and the ways we spend our day. And to share the love we’re so fortunate to feel with the world around us.
I believe we can transform the world by raising our collective consciousness of connection, to ourselves, to each other, to the earth.

Love yourself. Love others. Love the earth.

What’s in a name?

lylole (ly-lo-lay)

stands for love yourself, love others, love the earth and it first starts with you. Honoring and nurturing yourself, being conscious, creating a life on your own terms, living with vitality and joy and being connected.

Our criteria for success in everything we do: is this best for the world?

We believe in our social responsibility for our earth. With every purchase, we donate a percentage of lylole’s profits to charities committed to restoring earth’s resources. Our products are made in the USA with a transparent and compassionate supply chain and packaged in earth-friendly packaging.

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