About CBD

What is CBD?


CBD is a plant compound found in hemp. CBD isn’t exclusive to hemp; it actually can be found in other plants we eat every day, like broccoli and kale. But CBD is most abundant in hemp and we extract it from hemp plants grown organically, right here in the USA.

How CBD Works

A natural, non-psychoactive compound promoting everyday balance health and wellness. As it undergoes further research, CBD promises to reveal even more about human health, and the complex interplay of diet, environment, and genetics.

History of CBD

Hemp has been used traditionally since 2700 B.C. because of the way it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Cannabinoids, including CBD, have been used for many years to promote health and wellness. CBD continues to be studied for its ability to support a healthy mind and body.

The Benefits of CBD for Skin


CBD rejuvenates, moisturizes and renews skin for a radiant, youthful glow and works wonders on skin conditions.

Quality and Concentration of CBD

Not all CBD is created equal. At lylole, we work with a leading U.S. organic hemp practices farm, which grows and harvests the whole plant, then extracts the CBD using a pure CO2 process that does not damage the cannabinoids. We also use the whole plant, getting the full cannabinoid profile. We find this sustainable practice of utilizing the entire plant a vital part of our mission – loving the earth.

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